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Some Fall Bike Commute Essentials

Fall Bike Commute

I try to bike everywhere I need to go around Marin or for meetings in the city. This is my go-to commute wardrobe as it is completely functional on the bike, while perfectly presentable off the bike, eliminating the need to change your clothes once you arrive at your destination.

Ten Gear Best Sellers For 2015

Best Sellers 2015

This week I decided to dig through reports from my affiliate networks to see which products you all purchased the most this year. First off, I wanted to thank you for continuing to support this site by clicking through on affiliate links and banners–I really appreciate it. In return, I hope you find the content relevant, compelling, and useful. Below you will find ten of the best sellers from the year–this is by no means comprehensive, just ten products I noticed had been purchased repeatedly. The list may give you some ideas for holiday gifts if you are struggling with those last minute purchases. I would love to hear what you think about the items.

The Evolution Of Wool

Duckworth Wool

Your basic merino wool gear is evolving. Whether mixed with other fabrics in baselayers, or used as insulation in a variety of outerwear, next generation merino is here. Below are some of the more interesting uses of merino wool that we saw at both Outdoor Retailer and ISPO this winter.

The Return Of The Onesie

Airblaster Ninja Suit

Once an iconic symbol of the neon-obsessed 80s, the onesie is making a bit of a comeback. From baselayers to full outerwear ensembles, outdoor brands are gradually bringing the style back. And for good reason.

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