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An Inflatable Vacuum-Packed Surfboard

Tripstix SUP

Three river surfers from Munich wanted a surfboard they could easily transport through the city but without skimping on performance in the water. In order to bridge the gap between inflatable and hard surfboards, the team invented a new technology which allowed them to build an inflatable, vacuum-packed surfboard which can be rolled up and carried in a small backpack.

SipaBoards Air Self-Inflating SUP

SipaBoards AIR

Last year, Slovenia company SipaBoards introduced the first SUP with integrated jet-propulsion system. This year, the company follows up that award winning design with a self-inflating SUP. Using a built-in compressor and automatic gauge, the inflatable SUP does all the work for you. Just sit back, relax, and get ready to hit the water.

A Self-Inflating, Self-Propelled SUP


What could be better than an inflatable stand up paddle board you ask? Why, a self-inflating stand up paddlebaord complete with electric motor of course. The SipaBoard is taking SUP to the next level and helping propel you further on your water based adventures this summer.

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