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Pain-Free Trail Running Essentials

Trail-running essentials

Trail running- a great way to quickly get into shape but it can also be hard on your body. Over the past few months, I set out on a pain-free trail running quest and found some gear to help guide the way. Hopefully this list helps any of you suffering the same ailments and I would love to hear what works to keep you pain-free as well.

Tribute To Leki CEO Klaus Lenhart

By Don Jurries

Klaus Lenhart CEO Leki

Leki, one of the premier pole manufacturers for trekking, alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, and Nordic walking, sadly lost its CEO, Klaus Lenhart, in a plane crash earlier this week. A German national aerobatics champion, Mr. Lenhart had worked at the company his father built, starting as an apprentice toolmaker before taking over management of the business with his siblings at the age of 19. As a tribute to a man considered a visionary and passionate advocate for the Outdoor Industry, we thought we’d share one of our latest reviews of Leki product to give you an indication of his legacy.

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