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Pedal Power Meters- Who Will Get There First?

O-Synce pedal power meter
The holy grail of cycling accessories appears to be the pedal power meter. Metrigear has shown their prototype at Interbike for a few years now but have yet to make it to market. At last week's Eurobike, Polar, together with Look, and German company O-Synce announced their own versions of the pedal power meter due out next year. So will 2011 see this mythical quest finally completed?

MetriGear’s Pedal Spindle Based Power Meter

MetriGear spindle based power meter

California company MetriGear is working on an embedded power meter that will calculate your power output based on force applied to the pedals. Embedded in the hollow pedal spindle, the power meter requires no modification to your bike and is easy to set up, use and transfer between bikes. 

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