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Every Mountain Biker Should Have One Of These

Timber Mountain Bike Bell

It feels like almost every day, I read that more wilderness areas have banned mountain bike access. Recently, there was Ants Basin and Castle Divide near Sun Valley and closer to home, Byrne Preserve in Los Altos, CA. With the latter, equestrians complained that mountain bikers rode too fast around blind corners and scared the horses. Justifying their decision armed with erroneous Strava data from a couple of riders, the city council flat-out banned further mountain bike access despite heavy protest from the cycling community. As mountain biking continues to explode in popularity, we face the continued threat of having trails closed to biking. Part of the solution lies in improving the way we are perceived by other trail users.

A People Bell For Your Mountain Bike

Timber Mountain Bike Bell

When on your mountain bike, it’s always tricky approaching hikers or joggers on a trail and alerting them to your presence without majorly startling them. I hate having to yell, “On your left!” as it sounds so abrupt. I would love to ride with the Timber mountain bike bell that gives off a cheerful little ring to let people know you are coming.

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