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Beer And Bikes Go Together Like…

Tour de France Beer Break

For as long as anyone can remember, beer and bikes have gone hand in hand. What is it that makes the two so compatible? It could be that they both simply represent the best days of summer or maybe it's because a cold beer never tastes better than after a long, hot day on the trail or road. Whatever the relationship, you can't argue that bike culture has definitely influenced beer culture and vice versa, creating an overlapping community that brings out the best and unique subtleties of both. 

Best Outdoor Moments Of 2012

Havasu Falls

Brendan over at Semi-Rad and Rebecca of Calipidder fame both shared some of their favorite moments from the past year and it inspired me to sit and ponder mine. With literally hundreds popping into my head, I thought I would share ten of those outdoor related moments that stick out, fittingly as my last post of the year.

Brake Your Bike Using Just One Finger

Brake Force One disc brakes

Teenage inventor Jakob Lauhoff has come up with a disc brake design for your bike that is so powerful, you need only one finger to operate. Say goodbye to forearm ache on those long, mountain descents as the Brake Force One brakes are no longer a game of manual force, with minimal effort required to reach the braking pressure point.

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