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Modular Pack System For Bike Commuting Or Touring

Thule Pack 'n Pedal

Earlier this year, Thule acquired the rights to the bike carrier rack system from New Zealand company Freeload. Using the fully adjustable rack at the core of the new Pack 'n Pedal system, Thule created an entire modular pack collection that is perfect for the bike commuter or bike tourer looking to take all sorts of gear with them both on and off the bike. 

Brooks Heritage Inspired Cycle Bags


Inspired by their great products designed in the late 1800's, Brooks England has revived the company slogan 'Saddles, Bags, Etc.'  and re-introduced a range of cycle bags and other accessories. Best known for their beautiful, handcrafted leather saddles, the company is now following a new course to honor their heritage. 

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