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GriGri +

Preview: Petzl Climbing Hardware For 2017

GriGri +

At Outdoor Retailer last week, I had the opportunity to check out some new climbing gear from Petzl. The brand gets set to release a handful of new hardware in which both ice climbers and rock climbers will be interested. The ice specific gear comes out in January, while the more rock specific items will hit shelves in April.

Petzl Nao+

Phone Controlled Headlamps from Petzl

Petzl Reactik Plus

Figuring out how much burn time is left on your headlamp has always been a bit of a guessing game–until now. Petzl created a mobile app that when paired with the new REACTIK+ or NAO+ headlamps, not only gives you access to a precise battery status but also control of the light settings.

Black Diamond Viper

Sneak Peek: Climbing Hardware Fall 2015

Petzl Adjust

I found some fun new climbing hardware on show at Outdoor Retailer last week. Here is a sneak peek at a few of the pieces. I will follow up with boots, harnesses, and packs over the coming days.

Ice Climbing Hardware

Ice Climbing Hardware Essentials

Ice Climbing Hardware

This weekend’s Bozeman Ice Festival usually marks the official start of ice climbing season, but with the early season cold temps, many climbers have been getting after it for quite some time now. We will post a few different essentials lists pertaining to the sport, but begin here with the hardware required to second a multi-pitch climb or even top rope. Stay tuned for our apparel picks for the season, as well as a look at gear choices for leading.

Petzl Zombie Apocalypse

How To Survive Zombie Apocalypse-Petzl Style

Petzl Zombie Apocalypse

The Petzl Technical Institute has done it again. First with the Holiday Tech Tips on how to properly lower Santa down the chimney at Christmas, and now, Petzl attacks head on (literally) the tools and techniques you need to survive a Zombie Apocalypse. Something to think about as you head out after dark tonight.

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