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Golden Gate Bridge Gets A Water Filling Station

Global Tap Golden Gate Bridge

Thousands of runners, cyclists, walkers, commuters, and tourists pass by or over the Golden Gate Bridge every single day. To help cut down on plastic waste, reusable glass bottle provider Lifefactory teamed up with both the National Park Service and Globaltap to install a reusable bottle filling station at the Golden Gate Bridge Pavilion in San Francisco. Combined with the proposed ban on the sale of plastic water bottles in the city, San Francisco would be the first major metropolis to take the brave plunge in reducing their environmental impact. 

SIGG Reusable Water Bottle Review

By Don Jurries

SIGG Water Bottles

Having a lengthy debate about the merits of reusable water bottles seems an unlikely conversation piece, but it happened last weekend. A Mexican-South African couple came to visit our country property in Australia. The wife nonchalantly plonked a beautifully designed SIGG bottle onto our counter that she’d brought on the drive down from Canberra, and the debate was on.

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