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2010-2011 Winter Gear Guide

Winter Gear Guide

Over the past year, at shows such as Outdoor Retailer and ISPO, I have previewed some pretty cool Fall/Winter 2010-2011 gear which has now finally been released. I thought I would share with you a select few of my favorite winter gear items-all of my favorite gear would take up too many pages! I have not personally tested every single item listed, however it is all gear I would love to buy. 

Ski Logik Snow Skis With Artistic Wood Veneer Ski Top

Ski Logik Wood Veneer Ski Top

Colorado company Ski Logik manufactures high performance and strikingly beautiful snow skis. Every ski the company produces is a work of art, meaning no two skis are exactly alike. Each wood veneer ski top is hand designed by one of the founders and will ensure that you stand out from the crowd on the slopes. 

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