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SkiA Sweetspot Ski Trainer Review

SkiA Sweetspot Ski Trainer

Between my ski trip to Whistler and my recent spring skiing adventures up in Tahoe, I logged some training time on my SkiA Sweetspot Ski Trainer. A dry land training tool, the SkiA is meant to teach you how to properly balance over your skis, finding that sweetspot, and making you a better skier in the process.

The SkiA Sweetspot Ski Trainer

SkiA Sweetspot Ski Trainer

Modern skis and boots are designed to work around the so called sweetspot underneath your foot, with the two parts of the ski balancing each other to give an efficient and consistent performance. Most skiers are unaware of how to find and balance on the sweetspot, resulting in strain and fatigue instead of effortless and controlled skiing. Normally, it would take endless runs to train yourself, but now UK company SkiA has created a simple device you can use at home to improve your ski balance in order to quickly become a safe, fast, and stylish skier. 

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