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Patagonia Nanogrip Bikini

Patagonia Nanogrip Bikini Review

Patagonia Nanogrip Bikini

Everyone has had that embarrassing moment. You can call it a wardrobe malfunction, a skin show, or as our grandmothers politely said, “exhibitionism.” You’re riding a wave, catch an edge and splat, do a header into the surf. You tuck and roll and bob up for air. No harm, no foul. But then you hear the laughter…. snickers really. Your ride wasn’t that bad. What’s the problem? Your swimsuit has shifted, exposing more than your talent on the board.

Dangerous Animals Now Tweet Their Presence


Next time you head to the beach for a dawn patrol surf session, be sure to check Twitter first. Government officials in Western Australia have tagged over 300 sharks with acoustic transmitters that alert computers when they get dangerously close to a beach. Will this be the future of safe human-predator interaction?

GreenFix Eco-Friendly Surfwax

GreenFix surfwax

Winner of the EuroSIMA ecological innovation project, Biarritz based company Natural Technology has developed an eco-friendly surfwax called GreenFix. The result of three years of research and development, GreenFix is a petrochemical free wax made from natural, bio-degradable and non-toxic materials. 

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