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Just Right – Skiing in Sweden

Skiing in Sweden

Ski resorts in Sweden are not hard to find–almost every town boasts a local hill (yes, even Stockholm). The largest and some of the most popular, however, lie in the Jämtland Härjedalen region, located in the central part of the country along the Norwegian border. Dubbed the “lungs of Europe”, the area offers up not only clean air, but also an endless number of year-round outdoor activities.

Skating in Sweden

Skating The Lakes Of Sweden

Skating in Sweden

Sweden is a Nordic skater’s dream with crisp, cold winters and a ridiculous amount of lakes (almost 100,000) and rivers, many of which freeze over into a mirror of wild ice during winter. Depending on your experience, you can easily cover 25-200 km per day, even making a multi-day trip out of it. Finish with a sauna and wild game burritos prepared over an open fire and you can’t ask for a better day outside.

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