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The North Face Cragaconda Climbing Pack


Building on the popularity of the Ice Project pack from last winter, The North Face follows it up with a rock climbing version–the Cragaconda. Designed together with climber Sam Elias, this 45L pack has all the organization you need for a day at the crag.

Training With The North Face Mountain Athletics

The North Face Mountain Athletics

To help me train for the Breck Epic this summer, I have been working with The North Face Mountain Athletics program to build my overall strength and endurance. For those of you who may not be familiar with Mountain Athletics, The North Face teamed up with Rob Shaul of Jackson’s Mountain Athlete to create these free training programs to help you prepare for your next adventure. The program features a variety of activity-specific workout plans, including all the gear you need to train.

Order Perfect Jacket Size From The North Face Using Your Webcam

UPcload webcam size measurement

We have all been there before-you are super stoked that the new ski jacket and pants you ordered online have arrived, only to try them on and find out they don't fit properly. Now you have to go through the pain and hassle of sending them back and ordering a new size. The German startup UPcload is looking to eliminate the need for clothing returns and has partnered with The North Face to test their technology.

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