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IKEA SLADDA – A Flat Pack Chainless Bike

IKEA Sladda

Next time you head to IKEA for that meatball fix while you grab a NORDLI chest of drawers, you will be able to pick up a bike at the same time. Looking to completely change the urban bike market, IKEA created the multi-gender, customizable, easy for the whole family to use SLADDA bike. And yes, it comes flat pack.

Rin Project – Japanese Urban Cycling Gear

Rin Project Cask

Japanese company Rin Project designs a line of casual bike gear for those that not only love to ride but want to look good both on and off the bike. The brand was started in 2000 by Hiroshi Yamada, then president of Chat Noir and once a fashion industry exec in France. After a car accident in 1995, Yamada decided to ditch the car and live a bike-centric life, designing apparel, gear, and accessories that made his new lifestyle possible.

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