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Turn Any Helmet Into a Smart Helmet


PhiPAL is a new wearable that turns your helmet into a smart helmet by tracking your performance metrics and alerting your contacts if you should have an emergency. Although it looks a bit like an old computer mouse, it could make a great backup safety device for those that often recreate alone and offers more functionality than something like the ICEdot.

Measure Your Hydration Level in Real-Time


Wearables company BSX Technologies announced today that it plans to tackle America’s most underestimated health problem – chronic dehydration – with a wrist-based fitness tracker that accurately measures your real-time hydration levels. LVL (pronounced “Level”) is the first ever wearable fitness device to accurately measure hydration, as well as heart rate, sleep quality, activity, calories and mood, in real-time using a smart sensor with patented red light technology.

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