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Better Peripheral Vision With YNIQ Winter Goggles

YNIQ Winter Goggles

Yes ski season is basically over in the Northern Hemisphere but new Swedish eyewear brand YNIQ recently launched their first line of winter goggles. The goggles are stylishly designed with a unique, extra wide field of vision. Founded by skier Jon Olsson, YNIQ's goal is to become a brand that is highly fashionable yet at the same time highly reliable. 

Winter Goggles With Integrated Direct To Eye Display

Recon Instruments Winter Goggles

Vancouver, Canada based Recon Instruments is about to bring you those Mission Impossible winter goggles you always dreamed of. Recon's patent-pending technology platform integrates a Head Mounted Display system directly into a pair of winter goggles. With state of the art sensor and GPS technology, the integrated display provides easy access to live navigation, communication and performance based information. 

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