Sierra Designs Gnar Down Skirt Review

Sierra Designs Gnar Down Skirt

When down skirts started showing up at the outdoor trade shows a couple of years ago, I was so excited. Wrapped in the least amount of layers, my lower body is prone to getting cold during winter activities. Simple, lightweight, and easy to throw on over another layer, the Gnar Down Skirt from Sierra Designs is a great solution for adding warmth to the normally neglected areas of the lower body.  

Can Compression Wear Make You Slimmer?

By Don Jurries

Proskins Slim

Reducing cellulite and enhancing skin health were never part of the traditionally recognized benefits of compression wear. Until now. UK-based Proskins has taken compression wear to a new level by applying micro-encapsulation techniques to the Proskins Slim range that aim to reduce cellulite, burn fat and enhance skin health.

The Perfect Bra For Camping Or Climbing

Isis Henna C/D Bra

At Outdoor Retailer this summer, Isis was running a promotional bra sale to support the Breast Cancer Fund. I purchased one of the Henna C/D bras to add to a series of under garment reviews, more intimate apparel that is normally an after thought in our outdoor adventures and wrongly so. 

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