Venture Snowboards Scandinavian Inspired Odin

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Silverton, Colorado based Venture Snowboards has collaborated with big mountain rider Johan Olofsson to create a new Fall 2011 snowboard design. Dubbed the Odin after the Norse god of war and wisdom, the board embodies the concepts of Scandinavian design including simplicity of form and function. 

Rapha Creates Own Bike Collection

Rapha Bike Collection

Rapha recently announced their partnership with four bike builders to create a Rapha specific bike collection that will be available for at least the next two years. From racers to bike commuters, each handmade bike portrays the Rapha style as interpreted by the various frame builders. 

Important: BCA Software Fix For Tracker2 Malfunction

BCA Tracker2

Given that I received a BCA Tracker2 avalanche beacon for Christmas, I was a little worried to hear the recent news that Jackson Hole Ski Patrol and Alpine Guides have alerted BCA to a problem with the device. The group found that occasionally the Tracker2 avalanche beacons will inadvertently switch into opticomm mode and stop transmitting. 

Group Buying Moves To Adventure Travel

Groupenture Group Buying Adventure travel

Building on the momentum of Groupon, new Minnesota based website Groupenture launched this week looking to harness the power of group buying for adventure travel. Partnering with over 50 Adventure Tour operators, Groupenture plans to offer an array of heavily discounted activity based trips across the globe.

Turn Your Phone Into A SPOT Satellite Messenger

SPOT Connect Satellite Messenger

If you like the original SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger, you will really like the new SPOT Connect which gives you more information sharing potential by turning your phone or even iPod Touch into a satellite messenger. Extending the reach of your phone beyond normal cell coverage areas, SPOT Connect lets you stay in touch with your family, friends and even emergency services from almost anywhere.

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