Help Preserve The Environment On Your Next Hike

Creek Watch iPhone app

Next time you are out for a run or hike on your favorite California trail, bring your iPhone loaded with the Creek Watch application and snap a picture of the local watersheds. IBM has partnered with the California State Water Control Board to empower outdoor enthusiast to help monitor the health of the State's water resources. 

Oakley Debuts 3D Glasses


You no longer have to look like a dork at the movie theater wearing those little white paper 3D glasses. Eyewear maker Oakley has moved into the next dimension with their new limited edition 3D glasses. The glasses may not do you any good outdoors but they will make you and any 3D movie you watch look way cooler. 

Marquette Backcountry Skis- No Skins Required!

Marquette Backcountry Skis

The new project from V.I.O POV camera founder Dave Ollila, the Marquette backcountry skis require no skins to climb and can slide without catching. A durable, simple and inexpensive ski, the Marquette will help make the backcountry more accessible to everyone this winter.


Puerto Rico is Open For Adventure

“This house right here,” Jose said as he pointed out the window of the van. “This is one of the houses that we came to help. Do you see they are rebuilding…

Up, Down, Eat, Drink

Tuscany. A place which needs no introduction. With its wine-soaked…


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