Daily Inspiration #1

2011 Gimps On Ice

I have decided to start a new Daily Inspiration post as, in addition to coming here to learn all about new gear, I also want readers to be inspired to get outdoors. We can all read about, see photos, and watch inspiring videos from professional athletes but I want to hear from YOU about all the amazing stuff you do in the outdoors everyday. 

So send me an image, link to a video, or article you wrote about having fun in the outdoors. It can be anything as simple as walking your dog to a full on epic in the mountains. You will of course retain full ownership of your material and I will give you full credit for whatever you submit. I will simply repost it here on The GearCaster to enable everyone to be inspired by your outdoor adventures. 

Today's Daily Inspiration comes from the fine folks at UpaDowna and their coverage of the 2011 Gimps On Ice in Ouray, Colorado, put on by Paradox Sports. There can be nothing more inspiring than seeing an athlete with a disability take on and enjoy a sport that I truly love. 

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