Petzl Dart Crampons Go Completely Modular

Petzl Dart

For 2019, Petzl will get rid of two different Dart crampon models (the mono-point Dart and dual-point Dartwin) in favor of a single modular crampon you can configure in multiple ways depending on terrain or preference. Joining the new crampons are a variety of accessories that will make all you fellow ice climbers quite happy.

Built on the same modular system as the Lynx, the new Dart crampons can be configured with dual asymmetrical front points, dual front points of the same length, and either a short or long mono-point. The asymmetrical dual points allow for very precise foot placement on ice, while the same length dual points offer maximum purchase for more stable and comfortable climbing. The mono-point (either short of long) gives you super precise positioning and greater range of motion of your foot for dry tooling or mixed climbing. A single bolt runs across the front making it very quick and easy to adjust.

The new Dart crampon front section is compatible with all Petzl crampons so you don’t have to purchase a completely new set if you want to switch from mountaineering on your Vasak to ice climbing on the Dart — simply switch out the front sections. The Petzl Dart weighs 820 grams (compared to 745 grams for the current model) so there is not a huge weight penalty for the new modular system.


Looking to take on Black Diamond in the ice climbing accessory department, Petzl introduces a few cool new items. The Octo is a mesh roll for storing and even drying your ice screws. It racks 12 ice screws in individuals sheaths where a flexible tab engages with the thread so they don’t fall out (something that is a bit annoying with the Black Diamond roll).


The Multihook can be used to hook cord when making a V-thread (Abalakov) with a blade on the bottom of the retractable hook for when you need to cut cord. The plastic casing hooks onto your harness and doubles as a safe way to clean your ice screw should it get blocked with wet ice that no amount of tapping or blowing can clear.

The coolest item might just be the new crampon transport bag that looks a bit like a big white envelope. The Ultralight transport bag is made from a completely tear and puncture resistant X-Pac laminate fabric and weighs only 50 grams.

Expect all the new Petzl ice climbing products to start shipping in September.

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