Quick Look at New Climbing Footwear from Scarpa

Furia Air

At Outdoor Retailer and ISPO over the past couple of weeks, Scarpa showed off some shiny new climbing footwear for Fall 2019. For everything from rock climbing to high altitude mountaineering, Scarpa seems to have updated and improved their entire line.

At only 150 grams, the new Furia Air ($199) is the lightest climbing shoe in the Scarpa collection. To achieve the weight reduction, the shoe uses same four layers (upper, midsole, tension system, rubber) as any other climbing shoe but each layer is thinner.

Weight was just a by product of Scarpa aiming for a really sensitive shoe with a good fit. The upper is made from eight different pieces that when stitched together, help the shoe keep its shape over time and different material can be used in different areas, such as the leather-like Alcantara material in the big toe.

A dual tension system applies different tension to each side of your foot to keep it in that aggressive corkscrew like shape and drive power towards the toe. The Vibram XS Grip outsole is spilt into two parts, covering the toe area and the heel, to give you grip only where you need it.

Phantom Tech

For the alpinists, both the Phantom Tech and Phantom 8000 got an upgrade. The Phantom Tech ($699) dropped some weight (100 grams lost per boot) and added an underfoot rocker profile to improve walking efficiency on approaches. There’s also more volume in the forefoot which makes for warmer feet.

An eight-layer construction ensures warmth in below zero conditions, pairing layers of Primaloft silver, micropile, Primaloft 100 and Microtech. The carbon-fiber insole is lightweight and gives the stiffness required for those steep ice ascents.

Phantom 8000

The high-altitude Phantom 8000 ($1,199) also got an update dropping 9 percent or 133 grams per boot in weight over its predecessor. The mountaineering boot also got warmer, with an 18-layer construction that includes Aerogel. This construction consists of three individual units: an integrated gaiter, the interior shell boot, and a liner bootie.

The gaiter pairs Schoeller S-Tech stretch fabric, an HDry waterproof membrane, abrasion-resistant PU Tek, Primaloft 200 insulation and micropile, for weather protection, durability, and warmth. The shell boot is insulated with cork/EVA insulation, micropile, felt, aluminum film and Aerogel underfoot. In the liner bootie, a third layup of technologies includes EVA foam, Primaloft 600 insulation, Primaloft Silver insulation, Aerogel and aluminum film. Underfoot, a carbon-fiber midsole provides stiffness without weight.

Expect all the new climbing footwear from Scarpa to start shipping around September.

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