La Sportiva Overhauls The High Altitude Olympus Mons

Olympus Mons Cube

For 2019, La Sportiva decided to overhaul the Olympus Mons Evo — one of the most popular Himalayan mountaineering boots which has been around for almost 20 years now. Working with athletes Simone Moro and Tamara Lunger, La Sportiva created the new Olympus Mons Cube that is lighter, better insulated, and more durable than its predecessor with some new features for those looking to use skis on the approach.

So how is the new Olympus Mons Cube different from the Olympus Mons Evo? Probably this biggest update is the addition of tech inserts that enable the boot to be used with ski mountaineering bindings (toe only).

La Sportiva decided to add the tech inserts after Moro and Lunger’s expedition to the Chersky Range in Siberia last year. The duo needed the warmth of high altitude boots for climbing but also boots that could be used with skis for the long approach through deep snow. The addition of the inserts will also benefit those looking to explore polar environments — I remember Eric Larsen having his boots specially modified to work with his skis.

Olympus Mons Cube

So what else has been updated? “We have worked on various aspects of the boot to make it the most thermal on the market, the quickest and most efficient in terms of lacing and the most versatile designed for arctic crossings and summit approach routes with skis: a unique feature on the market today, ” says Matteo Jellici, R&D Manager at La Sportiva.

An asymmetrical, full length zipper in the gaiter makes it easier to access the inner double boot. A double Boa closure lets you dial in different tensions at the top and bottom of the outer boot and is much easier to operate with large gloves in cold conditions.

The double boot construction enhances the thermal properties and drying times of the boot, while the thermal insulation is further enhanced by a layer of Primaloft Gold Aerogel in an extra slipper that fits over top of the inner liner.

The double compound Vibram Morflex and Vibram Litebase outsole is lightweight yet provides plenty of traction for walking over snow and ice. In total, the Olympus Mons Cube loses over 400 grams per boot in weight compared to the Evo.

The Olympus Mons Cube retails for $1200 and will start shipping next fall. The mountaineering boot recently won Gold at the 2019 ISPO Awards.

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