Stan’s DART Easily Repairs Large Tubeless Tire Gashes

Stans DART

I run tubeless tires on all of my bikes now and while I have had much success with small punctures sealing up automatically, sometimes larger holes and even gashes happen. While current puncture repair tools like DynaPlug come in handy, they don’t work for gashes larger than 5mm. This is where the new Stan’s No Tubes’ DART Tool comes in.

Stan’s unveiled the new Dual Action Repair for Tubeless (DART) tool during Eurobike at the end of the summer. Unlike conventional plug tools, which function by pressing pieces of rubber or similar material into a puncture, Stan’s DART tool also reacts with Stan’s tire sealant to fill the puncture and create an airtight bond with the tire.

What makes DART “dual action” is its use of both mechanical sealing and chemical sealing. A barbed tip with special material mechanically anchors into the tire and fills the puncture, while a simple, safe compound chemically reacts with Stan’s sealant, creating the fastest, easiest, and most reliable solution for repairing and sealing slices and large punctures in tubeless mountain, road, and gravel bike tires.

The Stan’s applicator is designed with a plastic barbed tip that holds the DART and cannot be inserted too deep to affect rim tape. When inserted and with the required amount of Stan’s sealant already in the tire, DART quickly fills the puncture and in effect becomes part of the tire’s compound. Because of that, the DART doesn’t require trimming after sealing. The catch? While guaranteed to seal with Stan’s regular or Race sealants, the company can not guarantee it works when used with sealant from other brands.

A complete DART Tool, including two loaded DARTs, weighs only 15 grams. This is in part because the rod that presses DARTs into punctures is made of ultralight, corrosion-resistant, and incredibly strong carbon. DARTs are made to be stored for extended periods and are fast and easy to reload and reuse. Clear thread-on caps not only let you see through them to confirm whether your DART is in fact loaded and ready for its next repair, but they also protect your DART, keeping it clean between uses. A DART Refill container is available and includes a rack of five DARTs.

Both the DART Tool ($25) and DART Refill ($20) will be available for purchase soon.

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