Clik Elite Outdoor Photographer Packs


Clik Elite debuted their line of outdoor photography packs at the PMA tradeshow in March this year. The company itself may be new to the specialized outdoor pack scene but the founder behind it definitely is not. Bryce Thatcher has over 25 years of pack designing experience and is an avid outdoor adventurer and photographer. Bryce founded the endurance pack company Ultimate Direction in 1986. In addition to Clik Elite, he currently remains Director of Performance Product Development at Nathan and Lead Designer at StatPacks, makers of specialized packs for medics.  

The new line includes everything from rugged lens pouches and filter organizers to large hydration compatible hiking packs equipped with harnesses. The external pack layers are made from high tech materials like ballistic fabric and high-tenacity nylon in order to withstand rugged use alongside soft internal surfaces to protect all camera gear.

Clik Elite products are being sold through REI, Amazon and B&H among others.  

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