Dhama Climate Conditioning Apparel


Indian start up company Dhama Innovations recently closed an investment round from Reliance Technology Ventures and Mumbai Angels . Dhama will use the money to aggressively expand their sales and marketing efforts internationally.

Dhama has developed the patented ClimaCon apparel technology that allows the wearer to select a choice of temperature, hot or cold.  The battery powered apparel line, that utilizes thermoelectric heat sinks, includes the ClimaGear jacket/vest, the ClimaNeck scarf, and ClimaMet helmet. Dhama so far has secured an agreement to supply the ClimaCon technology to Cool Shirt.

I am not sure the exact patented portion behind ClimaCon technology but battery powered clothing is nothing new. The Company reminds me a lot of the Jett Heated Vest.  

The company was founded by Kranthi Vistakula in January 2008 and is currently based out of National Design Business Incubator at National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad. 

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