Cocona Fabrics Coconut Carbon


One of the 50 Colorado Companies to Watch, Boulder based Cocona Fabrics is an avid inventor of natural technologies used in and on fabrics.

In 2005, the original Cocona fabrics were launched using natural carbon fiber derived from recycled coconut shells. In late 2008, the company introduced Cocona Minerale fabrics, which used volcanic minerals. Cocona fabrics and yarn were developed to provide multiple attributes (evaporative cooling, UV protection, odor resistance and static resistance) that are permanently embedded in the fiber and won't wash out.

Cocona fabrics are now being used by more than 65 brands in North America and Europe as a means for these brands to add exceptional drying performance, UV protection and odor management to their apparel. Brands include Marmot, GoLite, Merrell, Millet and Mammut among many others. Similar to the Gore-Tex or Intel Inside model, Cocona markets their fabrics both to trade as well as directly to the consumer. Look for the coconut next time you are out buying gear!

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