Cutter for the Urban Bike Commuter

Cutter recently launched a new apparel and accessory brand called Cutter. The line was named in recognition of the gritty, underdog spirit of the Cutters team in the movie Breaking Away 

“Cutter is built for the urban bike commuter. It’s innovative cycling gear, with technical features and smart details that work for riders who wouldn’t be caught dead in tight rainbow-colored Lycra, but who definitely care about performance. Cutter people ride all the time,” says Cutter’s Brand Manager Steve Sramek.

The apparel includes men's and women's breathable, waterproof, eVent fabric shells and Polartec Powershield knickerbockers (yes knickerbockers!). Cutter accessories include bottle cages, tools, locks and lights for the complete urban cool look.

Cutter is currently available exclusively through Backcountry's new cycling website

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