RÖJK Innovative Baselayer for Active Sports


Swedish designer Jan-Fahrenheit Betros has just launched his own sportswear brand RÖJK. The initial RÖJK design has taken a base layer pullover and optimized it for active sports. 

The hood is integrated and functions as a warm collar when down and is easy to wear without the need for zippers and cords.  When the hood is up it grips the back of the head and turns with the user maintaining vision whilst moving.  These functions are achieved by clever pattern cutting and not by additional components.  There are no zips and no pockets as both are unnecessary. 

The baselayers are made from environmentally friendly Polartec fabrics based on recycled polyester bottles. The trims and threads are also 100% polyester so recycling is easy.  No word yet on where the line will be commercially available.

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