Roxy Branded JBL Earphones Launch


A couple of months ago, Roxy (a division of Quiksilver) and JBL announced a partnership to develop a new series of multimedia products, which combine Roxy’s leading fashion sense for adventuresome young women, with JBL’s award-winning, pro-sound technology. The first product release out of the partnership is a line of co-branded headphones in fashion colors, available now.

The collection, to be sold globally at Roxy/Quiksilver stores and premium retail stores in the US, consist of three styles: ear-bud ($19.99), earphones ($39.99) and over the ear headphones ($59.99). 

This special edition line represents the first time a key fashion house has partnered with a premium audio brand to create portable multimedia products. The cell phone industry has created these sorts of partnerships for some time now, especially Motorola.  Consistent with each brands’ reputation for pro-level performance, the Roxy / JBL suite of products will be marketed with an emphasis on combining a premium, personal music experience with high intensity sports action.

“Designed by women, for women, the first run of the JBL/Roxy co-branded products are just the beginning.  Both companies are committed to providing young women products that inspire them, enabling them to express themselves through the personal and shared experience of music”  states Susan Paley, director of business development for JBL. 

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