The Solar Human Hybrid Vehicle


8th grader David Dixon created the Solar Human Hybrid (SOHH) vehicle for his Novato Charter School project. The SOHH is a pedal powered vehicle with electric motor assist that carries 4 people, a dog, and cargo, qualifies as a motorized bicycle and is legal on the road. The SOHH is equipped with a 1 hp motor and is geared to not exceed 18 mph at full throttle. 

The SOHH also fits into a standard width bike lane and is legal on non-motorized vehicle paths (when pedaling). Power comes from GreenSaver Silicone Gel Cell batteries fed by 20-watt solar panels. The batteries also run the vehicle’s iPod dock, GPS unit and lights.

David showed off his creation at Maker Faire in May. The family does not plan to mass produce the vehicle but would love it if someone else does. Electrical diagrams and everything needed to build your own SOHH is available on their website as they wanted to create an "open source" project for others to improve upon.

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