Thankfully my dog Lola is not an escape artist but if she were, I might consider getting her something like Zoombak.

Zoombak is a location device which utilizes both the cellular and satellite networks in Advanced Global Positioning System (A-GPS) to determine the location of the Zoombak Locator. This lightweight, water resistant locator attaches to a dog's collar or could also be discreetly attached to that brand new Cervelo.

Through a web based interface, SMS messages or live customer care call, you can pinpoint the exact location of the item attached to the Zoombak Locator. Safety Zones can also be set up so that you are alerted the minute your dog, bike or car have left the vicinity.

I can even envision Zoombak being used as a SPOT type device for notification if someone has gotten lost in the backcountry. Like SPOT though, there is hefty price tag attached of $99.99 for the locator and and additional service fee of $14.99 per month. Zoombak is currently only available in the US and only on the T-Mobile network.

With Zoombak's limited battery life and ease of removal from of a dog, bike or car during escape/theft, I think it may be a hard sell.


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  1. Every year millions of pets get lost and only one third are returned to their original owners. Thanks to the latest technology in computers and tracking system, pet owners can now track their pets 24X7 through GPS Pet tracking collars.

  2. I purchased SpotLite GPS dog locator from Securus, Inc. It comes with American Kennel Club Companion Animal Recovery (AKC CAR) collar tag & lifetime enrollment in their recovery service.

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