GoGirl For The Girl On The Go


OK it may seem very strange to get excited about a Female Urination Device (FUD) but being a female mountaineer, I have used and misused my fair share of these. GoGirl is the first FUD I have seen that actually appears to be almost "accident" proof- not to mention it is pink and the Company is from MN! 

The GoGirl is made with flexible, medical grade silicone and has no extension tube to pull out (the cause of most of the accidents) like its competitor Freshette. At $6.99 for a single GoGirl it sure beats the $23.95 price of the Freshette and you can more easily justify disposing of it after a long expedition on the mountain. 

Watch for the GoGirl team and port-o-potties on their GoGirl Tour- next at the BlogHer 09 conference I believe. You can order the GoGirl as well as clothing and accessories at the GoGirl website. 

I gave up on my Freshette after a particularly accident prone trip on Denali but now thanks to GoGirl, I can't wait to try out the FUD again!
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