Opedix Wellness Gear


Last year, new company Opedix, launched with their line of Evidence Based Apparel, including running tights, posture shirts and ski/snowboard tights. Scientific studies conducted at both the Stedman Hawkins Sports Medicine Foundation and the Kerlan Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic, showed Opedix apparel to improve joint alignment in the knees and shoulders. This improved alignment can increase stability and strength while also reducing wear and tear by unloading the joints. 

The PS Posture Shirt works by touching specific neuro-receptors in the body that fire messages to the brain and also provides additional support to the skeletal structure, together creating a positive anatomical change. The body is cued to pull the shoulders back while the integrated support system providers a subtle pulling and support action.

The R1 Running Tights and the S1 Ski and Snowboard Tights, include the Opedix Knee Support System that takes proprietary non-stretch fabric and incorporates a patented anchor and sling banding design to provide support to the outside of the knee. This support reduces the amount of damaging outward movement of the knee and decreases the stresses or load on the knee joint. 

The Opedix tights and shirts can be ordered through their website. 
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