Pool-Mate Automatic Lap Counter

UK company Swimovate Ltd., founded by a group of triathletes, has been working on an affordable training product for the past two years. The result is the Pool-Mate, available for order later this month. 

The Pool-Mate watch contains accurate motion sensors (MEMS accelerometers) that automatically recognize each swim stroke and change of lap. The watch will display lap count, time, average strokes per lap, speed, distance, calories and efficiency. All this is done automatically and the details are stored within the large memory capacity of the watch. 

The Pool-Mate will be available, from the Swimovate website, in two color options-grey/blue or black/blue for £69.99 plus postage and packaging.

Swimovate has secured a R&D grant to help develop their next product the SwimCoach. This watch will incorporate a facility to download swim data for further analysis on a computer. 

Check out the demonstration video below. Lisa sounds a bit like Catherine Tate!

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