Chris Boardman Designs Bike Of The Future

Boardman Future Bike

1992 Olympic Gold Medal Cyclist Chris Boardman, today unveiled a futuristic bike that he believes will be an everyday design in 20 years time. 

The new bike is run all by computer including an unbreakable locking device based on fingerprint recognition and a calorie counter that monitors each turn of the pedals. The bike will also play music and switches to a solar-powered motor when the rider stops pedaling. 

A carbon fibre frame and spoke-less wheels improve the aerodynamics of the bike, while the tires are self inflating and puncture proof. Boardman claims that all the technology used is available today and the bike could be built if there was a will. 

Towards the end of 2004, Chris Boardman and UK Ironman record holder Alan Ingarfield came together to start Boardman, a performance based British bike brand. The Boardman range covers road, mountain and performance hybrid bikes alongside clothing and accessories. The Company partners with Halfords to bring the range to market. 
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