Coffee In Your Clothes


Coffee seems to be the next big ingredient for use in fabric technology. Taiwanese fabric manufacturer Singtex has recently launched their S.Cafe line made from used coffee grounds.  The Company is already familiar with using uncommon natural ingredients as they are also the manufacturer of choice for Cocona. 

Singtex has patented a process that transforms used coffee grounds into their S.Cafe yarn. The yarn is then used to produce many styles of knitted or woven fabrics and even softshell fabrics. The result is a material that offers UV protection, odor control and is fast drying. Not to mention the added benefit of helping keep coffee grounds out of landfills! 

So far Eider has developed a line of clothing using S.Cafe and we will wait to see what other of Singtex customers (North Face, Under Armour, Lowe Alpine, Patagonia, pretty much everyone) pick this up.

Coffee grounds also showed up at Outdoor Retailer this Summer.  Moving Comfort showcased three different sports bra designs that included coffee grounds in the cups. The idea is that the coffee grounds will help wick away sweat and remove odors. I guess if anything it's a good way to motivate you to get out running first thing in the morning! The bras will be available for Spring 2010. 

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