At Project OR during Outdoor Retailer this year, Lindsey Schuyler's winning jacket design incorporated Lunabrite illuminating trim. 

The Lunabrite trim is a patent-pending, eco-friendly, light source that is completely rechargeable and requires no batteries or electricity. The material activates within 5 minutes of exposure to sunlight or ambient light and achieves maximum brightness within 30 minutes. The trim will glow brightly for 3-4 hours and continue to glow while slowly dimming for up to 12 hours. The material is non-toxic, weather and UV resistant and anti-microbial. 

Lunabrite is lightweight, soft, flexible, easily cuts with scissors and features an attachable edge making it simple to sew into most fabrics. The trim is available in several diameters from 1/2'' down to 1/16'' making it suitable for clothing, accessories and footwear.

Lunabrite is already incorporated in many products within the Sherpa Pet Group Brands such as Woof Wear.

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