Millet Partners With Rhodia For Recycling


More and more, equipment manufacturers are starting to compete on their sustainability and overall "eco" practices. Sustainable products equate to more sales and a better overall image, something Patagonia recognized early on. 

Millet is now pushing to secure and expand its approach to eco-design, so has teamed up with chemicals firm Rhodia to develop a closed loop system for recycling polyamide or Nylon. Millet and Lafuma Group conducted an analysis of all their product ranges and found polyamide, in all its various forms, is a basic raw material. Rhodia will help Millet convert used climbing rope into engineering plastics for use in mountain sports equipment. The climbing rope for recycling will initially come from stores and gyms throughout Europe.

Rhodia's intent is to support its customers in their eco-design strategies based on the increased use of high-performance recycled material.  Ultimately, Millet hopes to used as much as 30% recycled polyamide in their plastic components. 

"Without sacrificing product performance, we would like to significantly increase the percentage of recycled materials that go into our products. This will enable us to enhance our products' image and bring our personal aspirations somewhat closer into line with our concern for preserving the majestic mountain environment for future generations of mountain sports enthusiasts," said Laurent Bouvet, Millet's manager for rope products. 

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