Officially launched at Interbike, New Zealand based company Freeload aspires to be the world's leading designer and innovator of load-carrying solutions for bicycles. Pat Maguire founded Freeload in 2007 to design and commercialize his invention of a fully adjustable bicycle carrier rack that can be fit to any type of bike. 

The Freeload is designed to fit both the fork and seat stays of any bike, even full-suspension mountain bikes. The single tube aluminum frame is self-adjusting and locks into place using a simple triangulated strut. The patented attachment system incorporates a stainless steel ratchet pin and 25mm webbing, enabling you to quickly fit and remove racks without the need for braze-ons or traditional mounting points. A carefully placed, rubberized foot ensures the rack won't crack or chip the paint on your bike frame. The 790g Freeload platform supports up to 25kgs of load for rough off-road use and the deck can be removed with the push of a button and replaced by other accessories such as a child seat. 


In 2010, the Company plans to add clip-on front and rear LED lights, custom bungee tie-downs, panniers, backpacks and quick-mount fenders to their line so keep an eye out for these guys. You can pre-order your Freeload rack online for delivery in December at a launch price of $119.25. Freeload also created their own Facebook page.

So is the Freeload set to become a better and easier option than using P-Clamps

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  1. Great product, and versatile. I would like to ride with my son of 5 he is big but is about 25kg, I have a younger son 3 as well. Your product mounts to the frame and protects it from scratches, and it can carry 25kg can you display a photograph of it mounted to a full sus bike? are all bikes including my enduro 06 frame designed to carry this weight here?

  2. hey there the free load rack will certainly fit on the enduro 06 frame, there are loads of pics of the rack on the profile freeload bikerack on facebook….i was in the kiwi brevet race and the rack was a treat to have! cheers j

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