Kuat Bike Racks

Kuat Bike Rcks

Kuat Innovations, named after the founders Luke Kuschmeader and Brian Atkinson, set out 3 years ago to engineer a lightweight, streamlined, affordable bike rack that was easy to use. The result was Kuat's Alpha and Beta series racks constructed of clear-coated aluminum and weighing in at less than 13 pounds. 

The Kuat racks feature the Cinch Tight hitch cam system that eliminates the usual wobble in the receiver through the simple turn of a knob.  A handy retractable cable lock, part of the Locked Out security system, loops around the bike frame to secure it to the rack. Kuat racks were designed to carry bikes of all types with adjustable carriages that can be altered to fit any frame size. The racks even tilt for trunk access and fold up for easier storage. 

At last years Interbike, they were showing the Trail Doc- the bike repair mount attachment which is yet to be commercially available. Maybe we will finally see it announced this week….

Meanwhile, I love this Kuat promo video from Sidewall Distribution. 

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