Tachyon XC 3D Helmet Cam For Even Cooler Adventure Videos

Tachyon XC Camera

There was much excitement amongst outdoor adventurers at Outdoor Retailer this summer when GoPro launched their GoPro Hero Wide camera in HD. Now it seems Texas based company Tachyon Inc., with the Tachyon XC 3D helmet camera, is poised to cause an even bigger sensation.

By combining two Tachyon XC's into one package, left and right video streams are recorded simultaneously. The enclosed Movie Maker Software then combines the two streams to make 4 different types of 3D videos, all compatible with YouTube

The Tachyon XC camera is shockproof, waterproof, comes with a 90 degree wide angle lens and accepts the full range of SDHC cards. The 3D system consists of two complete XC packages, 3D mount, 6 pairs of 3D glasses and the 3D Movie Maker software. As of yesterday, Tachyon started shipping the XC 3D system for $379.99, available for order from their website. 

I would love to see some 3D climbing videos as the dramatic scenery would become even more spectacular. Imagine Discovery Channel's Everest: Beyond The Limit Sherpa Cams in 3D! Note to Russell Brice.  

If you happen to own a pair of 3D glasses, put them on now….

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