Proton Magnetic Pedal Locks

Silicon Valley company Proton Locks started after founder Don Iller witnessed a young BMX rider break his leg after failing to release his foot from the pedal during a fall. By replacing the normal shoe cleat and pedal locking system in clipless pedals with a heavy duty magnet, the Proton magnetic clipless pedals claim to reduce the risk of injuries for cyclists by making it much easier to lock in and unlock.

The magnetic clipless pedals allow the rider to maintain a positive attraction to the pedal while riding, even while riding hard. If the rider falls, the side shear force can quickly and easily release the rider from the bike. Mavic also has their own version of a magnetic clipless pedal with the EZ Ride system but it requires you to completely change out your shoes and bike pedals.

The Proton magnetic clipless pedals are made from A380 aluminum with a nickel plated, high power magnet, chrome-molly spindle and sealed ball bearings. The magnetic clipless pedals come in three sizes for various uses from road riding to down hill mountain biking. The units range in price from $145 to $165 and can be bought from the Proton Locks online store.

I would love to hear from anyone who has tried these- perhaps at Interbike Outdoor Demo. I keep my clipless pedals on the loosest setting because on my knee and ankle problems. I am wondering if it requires less of a twisting motion to get out of the magnetic clipless pedals and do you run the risk of slipping a pedal when climbing or riding hard?

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  1. great idea on some levels, I want to get some for my daughters BMX ride she is only 6 and has problems getting her foot on the pedal squarely, these look like the ticket!

    I would never use them for a mountain bike ride tho or any more experienced rider should go with the tried and true clipless designs.

    That said, they are far too expensive for what they are, I will wait a little, surely there will be a Chineese clone very soon when a product is this over priced.

  2. Easy for you to say. You obviously have not enough experience to have suffered a signficant fall.

  3. I’m not sure these would work very well for an experience mountain biker. I don’t want my cleats to un-clip until I unclip them. Sure, once in a while they don’t come out when I crash, but more often than not, they save me by staying connected in critical situations. I’m no young buck free rider, I’m 52 yrs old, but I like to ride technical trails.

  4. These are the pedals kurt yaeger uses (pro bmx rider) after loosing his leg below the knee.

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