SailBlogs Blogging And Map Tracking Community


SailBlogs is a free blog hosting service, map tracking system and online sailing community all rolled into one. From weekend sailors to ocean racers and cruisers, members can post stories, update current boat positions, or upload photos and videos from anywhere in the world. SailBlogs already has over 5000 registered members and sees 750,000 visitors per month.

Similar to other blog publishing software, SailBlogs offers an easy to use web-interface for adding and editing journal entries. Users can attach photos and videos of their endeavors and create various blog categories. The unique sailing feature in the software is the ability to send in your latest boat position for view on a dynamic member mapping system. 

SailBlogs operates on a freemium model. Premium membership ($35-$95/year) enables users to send in posts and positions via email, customize the look and feel of the blog without advertising and publish your personal boat tracking maps with geotagged blog posts.  

The SailBlogs community offers a way to meet and stay in touch with other sailors or cruisers you may have met on your travels. Members can create specific sailing groups, send messages and see news updates from their friends. 

SailBlogs was started by internet engineer Tim Harincar. Tim knows intimately the needs of remote "explorers" as he also runs webExpeditions, the powerhouse behind professional expedition software for quests such as Eric Larsen's Save The Poles. Tim is feverishly adding new features to SailBlogs such as Twitter and Spot integration in addition to creating an iPhone application interface. 

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