The BigFoot Multipurpose Giant Duffel Gear Bag

BigFoot Duffle Gear Bag

Colorado company BigFoot Bag manufactures multi-functional duffel gear bags bigger than a real live Sasquatch. These giant bags work as perfect storage or transport options for all types of gear, from camping and fishing to general sporting equipment.  

Made of 600×600 denier polyester, the BigFoot Bag will protect your gear from sun, wind and water. By using the FootZip tabs, the duffel gear bag can be fully opened in one zip for flat loading or for use as a lightweight tarp or ground cloth. The duffel gear bag includes a variety of padded carrying handles, FootZip tabs for quick, easy, one zip closing, heavy duty cinch straps, a water-repelling zipper seal and various tie-down or storage options. 

The multi-functional purpose of the BigFoot duffel gear bag makes it a simple, cost effective solution for managing the inevitable gear clutter. On a car camping trip for example, the duffel gear bag can provide a single, convenient storage for all of your camping gear from tents and stoves to sleeping bags and food, all neatly tucked in the car or even tied on a roof rack. The fully unzipped bags are also a great way to keep gear out of the dirt or snow while loading and unloading.

The BigFoot duffel gear bags come in three sizes: small, medium and large, and range in price from $39.99 to $99.95 depending on size and where you buy them. The BigFoot Bag series also comes in Camo, Yard and Cargo versions for even more heavy duty purposes. These handy duffel gear bags can be bought from retailers such as Gander Mountain, and Ace Hardware or online at the Company website. 

I plan to buy a few of these to organize my gear closet at home and even to use one in the back of the car when taking my dog to and from the beach. 


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