Go With TheFlo This Winter Ski Season

Flo Skis for Winter Ski Season

Vail, Colorado company FloSkis is on a mission to create a better way for you to ski. Founded by aerospace engineer and ski instructor Adrian Floreani, the current FloSkis design is the result of a long effort over many years of iterated improvements. Through a combination of short tail and weighted front end, FloSkis are designed to give skiers more stability and create smoother turns. 

At the heart of the FloSkis innovation is the hydrodynamic dampening and stabilization system know as TheFlo. TheFlo is a soft, rubber enclosure filled with synthetic oil, shotgun shell pellets and air. It sits near the top of the ski and keeps the ski firmly on the ground, counteracting the effects of the short tail. TheFlo basically acts like a heavy balloon filled with mercury- no matter how hard or how fast your skis hit the snow, they will not bounce. 

TheFlo enables the ski edges to be in better contact with the snow from tip to tail, allowing you to initiate turns quicker and carve harder. Since your overall ride is smoother, FloSkis feel more stable. TheFlo system can also be mounted on any existing pair of skis you have to help make them ride smoother. 

The short tail design of FloSkis ensures that the ends of the skis do not get caught in the moguls or in deep powder, meaning you do not have to lift so much to turn. Your knees will be happy as the shorter length lessens turning forces, reducing your chance of strain or injury. 

The FloRiser full suspension binding system, allows the ski to flex unrestricted beneath your boot. The increased height above the snow gives you more leverage to hold your skis on edge. By centering your weight over a small surface area of the ski, the FloRiser enables you to easily turn the ski just by tipping your weight. 

This winter ski season, you can rent or demo FloSkis at numerous resorts including Alta, Snowbird, Aspen, Vail and Beaver Creek. 


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