Snowbull High Tech Winter Sled

Snowbull High Tech Winter Sled

Austrian company Snowbull has created a new, high tech, winter sports product that is a combination of luge, winter sled and skis. Snowbull designed an ergonomic winter sled to mount on top of a pair of Atomic carving skis, giving it excellent controllability and power.  The Company hopes that the Snowbull will someday become an alternative to skiing or snowboarding in the future of winter sports. 

The Snowbull winter sled was invented by 21 year old Norbert Barabas. The idea came to him one night while out sledding with friends. He was tired of lugging around the classic but heavy and hard to maneuver Rodel sled and wanted something fun and fast instead.  After two years of development and multiple prototypes, Snowbull emerged with a 6 Kg, stable winter sled with excellent steering and braking characteristics.  

Lying on your back as you ride down the slope, you steer and brake the Snowbull using your entire body. Steering is done simply by edging over the skis and pressing the pedal at the front of the ski to initiate a turning position then tilting your body in the direction you want to go.  The skis are controlled by a heavily patented steering system made from lightweight automotive components. Braking is achieved by simply rocking back your shoulders, digging a reinforced steel stopper plate down into the snow. The Snowbull winter sled enables you to ride fast around corners and make accurate turns thanks in part to the low center of gravity and the great steering capability of the carving skis. 

Snowbull is currently selling two sled versions through eBay. The Basic model retails for €199 and the Pro model for €259. 

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