Detailed Backcountry Ski And Snowboard Maps

Freeride Ski and Snowboard maps

Swiss company Freeride Map has created a new set of maps that are to be used specifically for those of you who want to head off-piste this winter to ski or snowboard in the backcountry. Based on detailed topographic maps laid on top of local knowledge, the freeride maps contain all the essential information about the terrain you will need for planning a backcountry ski trip. 

Currently only covering Switzerland and Austria, color coded freeride corridors show the areas where backcountry skiing and snowboarding is possible. Freeriding areas are classified according to the level of difficulty. Blue is for technically easy terrain, yellow requires advanced to very advanced technical ability and red is extremely difficult, partially exposed terrain which should be reserved for crack riders. 

Printed on waterproof, tear resistant foil, the maps mark short ascent routes, increased danger zones and highlight wildlife protection areas where backcountry skiing or snowboarding is not allowed. The back of the Freeride Maps contain all of the relevant planning, safety and rescue information for the area. 

Even though the maps provide detailed terrain information, you will still need to bring the standard backcountry safety gear such as avalanche beacon, probe, shovel, inclinometer and ABS or Avalung avalanche backpacks.  


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