Columbia Omni-Heat 

The core of Columbia's new Fall 2010 line will be Omni-Heat, a family of technology solutions designed to keep you warm in the outdoors. We mentioned Omni-Heat back in November but we finally got to see it up close and personal at Outdoor Retailer. 

Omni-Heat technology is made up of a trio of innovations that deliver warmth and regulation of body temperature without adding bulk- a new reflective textile, a new proprietary insulation and electric heating elements. 

Omni-Heat Thermal Reflective regulates body temperature using a patent pending dot-matrix application of reflective material on a moisture-wicking, air-permeable base layer. The reflective technology is said to boost heat retention by 20% while drawing excess heat away during periods of high exertion.

The Omni-Heat Thermal Insulation is a unique, proprietary, multi-denier fiber made from 50% recycled material. The new insulation provides the highest warmth to weight measure of any branded insulation and commands high loft-resilience. 

Finally, Omni-Heat Thermal Electric will allow you to keep your feet warm with the push of a button. Columbia will introduce a patent-pending array of USB rechargeable battery powered heating elements strategically placed in the footbed of select boot styles including the Bugathermo Techlite for men and the Snowfall Thermo for women. 

Get ready to see these three Omni-Heat innovative technologies in everything from boots and gloves to jackets, pants and even backpacks. Check out the video below of the new Omni-Heat women's collection, to be released in the Fall. 

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  1. So is this the same heat technology that involves wires? Why don’t you look at the upcoming heat technology that is 21st century and does not have hot spots, will not over heat, and continues to work if cut or punctured? Feell free to check out our website.

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