Brooks-Range Mountaineering Adventure Racing Tools

Adventure_racing_kit from Brooks Range Mountaineering

Adventure racing has now become the fastest growing outdoor sport in the US. To help you channel your inner Amazing Race contestant, Brooks-Range Mountaineering has released a set of adventure racing tools. The company is hoping these tools will help you stay on track, excel in each stage of the race and have peace of mind when it comes to backcountry safety.  

The new set of adventure racing tools include a UTM Map Reader, SOS/Helicopter Landing Zone Card, and an Emergency Latitude/Longitude Ruler, which are all available individually or as part of an all-in-one Adventure Racing Kit.  

The Adventure Racing UTM Reader includes the five UTM map scales most commonly used in adventure races. The map scales are accurate to 1/50th of an inch and are compliant with USGS standards for accuracy. The UTM Reader measure only 4.25 in x 7 in, so can easily fit in your pocket. Non-glare, flexible plastic material prevents broken corners or tearing in cold and severe conditions. The UTM Reader retails for $5.00.

The SOS/Helicopter Landing Zone Card is a must have reference in case of emergency. The card contains crucial information for properly communicating with and receiving help from emergency teams. The SOS card retails for $3.00.

Emergency Latitude/Longitude Ruler
will help you communicate your coordinates with Search And Rescue (SAR) organizations. SAR units use Lat/Long instead of UTM grids as these vary from map to map. You will most likely need to convert your UTM coordinates into lat/long, something that is not easy to do off the top of your head, when talking with emergency personnel. The 4 in x 7 in disposable, paper lat/long ruler fits easily in a pocket for quick reference in case of an emergency. The Emergency Lat/Long Ruler retails $5.00.

If you buy the Adventure Racing Kit, all of the above tools come housed in a compact, yellow nylon
Field Organizer
. This water resistant portfolio is sized for standard field books and folded topo maps and has pockets to store your tools with a hook and loop closure. The Field Organizer itself retails for $22.00 but you can get the entire Adventure Racing Kit for just $24.50.     

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